Local Therapy Cat Teams


This page lists the contacts of local therapy cat teams and their affiliations.  Check back for updates!


United States


Contact: Tricia Larrabee, magicsmom@cox.net

Therapy cats: Jessie and James

Location: Tucson, AZ

Affiliation: Love on a Leash



Contact: Patty Guthrie, pettherapy@myriah.com

Therapy cats: Muppet and Mokey and Crystal (therapy dog)

Location: San Jose, CA

Affiliation: Love on a Leash, Furry Friends Pet Assisted Therapy Services



Contact: Terri Jennings, crittercrazytj@gmail.com

Therapy cats: Dog, Baxter, Eddie

Location: Waterbury, CT

Affiliation: Love on a Leash



Contact: Lori Kistler, lakistler@gmail.com

Therapy cat: Wyatt

Location: Rantoul, IL

Affiliation: Love on a Leash



Contact: Jaetta Ferguson, flashthetherapycat@gmail.com

Therapy cats: Flash and Venti

Location: Kokomo, IN

Affiliation: Love on a Leash



Contact: Elizabeth Llewellyn, 2burmese@Comcast.net

Therapy cat: Van Gogh

Location: South Burlington, VT

Affiliation: Love on a Leash


Contact: Karen Thompson, ktmoonblue@yahoo.com

Therapy cat: Tabby

Location: Vancouver, WA

Affiliation: Love on a Leash



Germany, Berlin

Contact: Eva Kullman, evakullmann@arcor.de

Therapy cat: Mogli

Location: Berlin, Germany

Affiliation: Independent, Projekt Therapietiere