Pet Partners and Love on a Leash

I-CAT supports all therapy cat teams and includes members who have registered (or are working to register) therapy cats through national organizations and local regional organizations, as well as those who do independent therapy cat work.


Different facilities vary on their requirements for a pet visit program. Some do not require that visiting animals be officially registered as therapy pets; however, other facilities do require that your animal be registered through an organization. Be sure to check with your facility of choice and see what requirements exist (local or national registration or independent teams).


The two national organizations that register therapy cats are Pet Partners and Love on a Leash, both 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.  I-CAT is not affiliated with either group and supports membership based on the therapy cat team’s preference.


To help new teams decide on which national organization is right for you and your cat, we have created a chart that describes the requirements and policies of Pet Partners and Love on a Leash.  This is not an exhaustive chart; we encourage interested teams to further research options on the Pet Partners and Love on a Leash websites.

In addition, access to support and experiences with local organization chapters vary by region. We recommend looking into what local resources exist to support therapy cat work through Pet Partners or Love on a Leash to help you assess what best meets your needs.

Organization Name

Pet Partners

Love on a Leash

History/ Basics

-Formerly Delta Society, est. 1977

-As of 2011, had over 10,000 registered teams

-Established in 1984; incorporated in 1995 as The Foundation for Pet Provided Therapy

-As of 2011, over 1,400 members in 28 states

Requirements (aside from no history of aggression and current on vaccinations)

-Cat must be at least 1 year old

-Cat must have lived in the owner’s home/known by owner  for 6 months

-No animals with PP can be fed raw protein diet

-Cat must be at least 1 year old

Registration Process

-Required animal handler course (on-line or in-person)

-Health examination by veterinarian

-Evaluation of team: cat is tested in various scenarios (placed on lap; passed from person to person; 30 second stay, etc.)

-Recommended therapy pet class

-Initial examination by veterinarian for temperament

-Ten one-hour visits supervised by Visit Captain or approved substitute within one year (first visit must be done within 1 month of vet exam)

General Fees/ Cost

-$95 for 2 year membership

-$70 for handler course (on-line cost; price of in-person course my differ)

-Fee for evaluation test

-$20 for one team (one person/ one pet) for 1 year membership

-$15 for required ID card and LOAL bandana for your pet

Equipment requirements

-Cats must be on 6 foot leash and harness

-Strollers to transport cat are generally not allowed; exception may be made during evaluation if handler or cat has special need (check with local chapter)

-Cats must be on 4 foot leash at all times (no retractable leashes)

-Use of harness or walking jacket

-Strollers acceptable


-Primary commercial general liability insurance policy for volunteers for accidents that occur

-Insurance coverage starts upon receipt of the team’s acceptance letter and ends at the expiration of the team’s registration

-Liability policy covers injuries your pet causes to third persons

-Accident policy covers injuries pet causes to another LOAL volunteer

-Insurance in effect even during initial 10 supervised visits

Advanced registrations

-Evaluation results in ratings of animal on different levels/ abilities to visit in predictable or complex environments

-After a number of hours in service in a specialized area, you can apply for Advanced Therapy Degrees

Click here for a pdf version of this cart.